Domaine de Champ-Hubert

Lost & Found System By Clip2.Me


/// Have you found a Clip?

The clip which is linked to found object or pets will able you to alert the owner.

  • 1. You have a FlashCode reader compatible smartphone
  • 2. You have a NFC compatible smartphone
  • 3. You have a computer with internet

1. You have a smartphone which can read QRCode

Use Clip2 application or use your favorite one to read FlashCode on the back of the Clip. A form will appear. You will just have to enter your information to alert the owner that you found his/her object! Don't forget to schedule a rendez-vous!

2. You have a smartphone which can read NFC Tag

NFC technology enables automatic actions with your phone in contactless mode. Just fly over the Clip with your phone. Your phone will redirect to an alert form to notify the owner.

3. You haven't a smartphone but a computer with internet

Get the Clip number (First 5 letters - Numerical reference, example: ABCDE - 49650) and fill on the following form. Click on 'Alert the owner >>' and you will be redirected to the alert form to notify the owner.

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